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> Standard CSS config for TEAM23
Extends [`stylelint-config-standard`](
Extends [`stylelint-config-standard`](, which is the default
error checking plus a lot of style checking rules.
## Proposing rule changes
For proposing changes to the ruleset please open either
- a merge request
- a ticket
## see also
For linting SCSS there is [`stylelint-config-team23-scss`](
which extends these rules with rules for SCSS.
## Installation
npm install git+ --save-dev
## Usage
If you've installed `stylelint-config-team23-standard` locally within your project, just set your `stylelint` config to:
"extends": "stylelint-config-team23-standard"
If you've globally installed `stylelint-config-team23-standard` using the `-g` flag, then you'll need to use the absolute path to `stylelint-config-team23-standard` in your config e.g.
"extends": "/absolute/path/to/stylelint-config-team23-standard"
Since [stylelint 9.7.0](, you can simply use the globally installed configuration name instead of the absolute path:
"extends": "stylelint-config-team23-standard"
### Extending the config
Simply add a `"rules"` key to your config, then add your overrides and additions there.
For example, to change the `selector-max-id` rule to allow one id selector in rules
(default is: no id selectors allowed):
"extends": "stylelint-config-team23-standard",
"rules": {
"selector-max-id": 1
## [Changelog](
## [License](LICENSE)
"name": "stylelint-config-team23-standard",
"version": "0.1.0",
"description": "Standard shareable config for stylelint",
"description": "Standard shareable config for stylelint at TEAM23",
"keywords": [
"author": "stylelint",
"author": "TEAM23",
"license": "MIT",
"repository": {
"type": "git",
"url": ""
"url": ""
"main": "index.js",
"files": [
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