Commit 0a2226fc authored by Manuel Munz's avatar Manuel Munz
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use markup validator from original source

parent 1a93c0a1
......@@ -44,13 +44,12 @@ WORKDIR /opt/codeception
RUN composer init --no-interaction --name team23/codeception --require codeception/codeception:^3 \
&& composer config repositories.markupvalidator vcs \
&& composer config minimum-stability dev \
&& composer config prefer-stable true
RUN if [ -n "${GITHUB_CI_TOKEN}" ]; then composer config --global github.accesstoken ${GITHUB_CI_TOKEN}; fi
RUN composer require kolyunya/codeception-markup-validator:3.0.2 captbaritone/mailcatcher-codeception-module \
RUN composer require kolyunya/codeception-markup-validator:3.1.0 captbaritone/mailcatcher-codeception-module \
&& composer install --no-interaction --optimize-autoloader --apcu-autoloader
ENV PATH /opt/codeception/vendor/bin:${PATH}
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