Commit b7df40a0 authored by David Danier's avatar David Danier

Merge branch 'dev/b5_python'

parents 88f36a35 b82e69fd
class B5 < Formula
desc "A simple Task Runner in Bash and Python written by TEAM23 GmbH."
homepage ""
url "", :using => :git, :tag => 'v0.9.1'
head "", :using => :git
version "0.9.1"
homepage ""
url "", :using => :git, :tag => 'v0.9.2'
head "", :using => :git
version "0.9.2"
depends_on :python3
include Language::Python::Virtualenv
# See:
# Use 'poet -r $package' ( to generate
resource "PyYAML" do
url ""
sha256 "592766c6303207a20efc445587778322d7f73b161bd994f227adaa341ba212ab"
resource "termcolor" do
url ""
sha256 "1d6d69ce66211143803fbc56652b41d73b4a400a2891d7bf7a1cdf4c02de613b"
def install
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