Commit 402b2807 authored by David Danier's avatar David Danier


parent 9e191a98
......@@ -3,18 +3,15 @@ class B5 < Formula
homepage ""
#url "", :using => :git, :tag => 'v0.1.0'
url "", :using => :git
sha256 "86b3b2b42ecb2f98de4a3c36b31819ec4c84cf6d70d19730be58febb84aada7b"
head "", :using => :git
version "0.1.0"
# depends_on "bash" => :run
def install
Dir.chdir buildpath
system "ls -lh"
system "pwd"
prefix.install Dir["bin/*"]
prefix.install Dir["lib/*"]
bin.install_symlink "bin/b5"
prefix.install Dir["b5/bin/*"]
prefix.install Dir["b5/lib/*"]
bin.install_symlink "b5/bin/b5"
test do
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