Commit edc72dbf authored by David Danier's avatar David Danier

Modified implementation to be more generic

parent 7e6d3d62
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ import pwd
import warnings
from ..exceptions import B5ExecutionError
from . import BaseModule
from . import BaseModule, CONFIG_PREFIX_RE
class DockerModule(BaseModule):
......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ class DockerModule(BaseModule):
'docker_machine': None,
'commands': {},
'sync': {},
'ensure_exists': {},
'setup': {},
def prepare_config(self):
......@@ -46,8 +46,12 @@ class DockerModule(BaseModule):
raise B5ExecutionError('docker commands has to be a dictionary')
if not isinstance(self.config['sync'], dict):
raise B5ExecutionError('docker sync has to be a dictionary')
if not isinstance(self.config['ensure_exists'], dict):
raise B5ExecutionError('ensure_exists has to be a dictionary')
if not isinstance(self.config['setup'], dict):
raise B5ExecutionError('setup has to be a dictionary')
if 'networks' in self.config['setup']:
if not isinstance(self.config['setup']['networks'], list):
raise B5ExecutionError('setup.networks has to be a last')
......@@ -143,11 +147,13 @@ class DockerModule(BaseModule):
script.append(self._script_function_source('run', '''
......@@ -166,7 +172,6 @@ class DockerModule(BaseModule):
script.append(self._script_function_source('docker-compose', '''
cd {base_path} && \\
if (declare -f -F {name}:create_external_networks > /dev/null); then {name}:create_external_networks; fi && \\
{name}:run {docker_compose_bin} {docker_compose_configs} "$@"
......@@ -461,42 +466,51 @@ class DockerModule(BaseModule):
else shlex.quote(command_options.get('bin')),
for ensure_exists, ensure_exists_options in self.config['ensure_exists'].items():
if ensure_exists == "external_networks":
network_script = ""
if not isinstance(ensure_exists_options, list):
raise B5ExecutionError('ensure_exists options have to be a list')
for network in ensure_exists_options:
network_script = network_script + """
{name}:run {docker_bin} network inspect {network} &>/dev/null || (
{name}:run {docker_bin} network create {network} && echo \"Created external network {network}.\"
if self.config['setup']:
# Setup networks
if 'networks' in self.config['setup'] and self.config['setup']['networks']:
# Create a function for each network
for setup_network_name in self.config['setup']['networks']:
script.append(self._script_function_source('setup:network:{network}'.format(network=setup_network_name), '''
{name}:docker network inspect {network} &>/dev/null || (
{name}:docker network create {network} && echo \"Created network {network}.\"
if network_script == "":
# no networks to create => dummy function
script.append(self._script_function_source('create_external_networks', '''
cd {base_path}
# Create general network setup function
script.append(self._script_function_source('setup:network', '''
setup_all_networks='\n '.join([
for setup_network_name
in self.config['setup']['networks']
# append script to add external networks
script.append(self._script_function_source('create_external_networks', '''
cd {base_path} && \\
# Create general setup function
setup_ran_var_name = '_{prefix}_SETUP_RAN'.format(
script.append(self._script_function_source('setup', '''
if [ "${setup_ran_var}" -eq 1 ]
return 0
setup_networks='{name}:setup:network'.format( if
'networks' in self.config['setup'] and self.config['setup']['networks'] else '',
# Create EMPTY general setup function, if no config exists
script.append(self._script_function_source('setup', '''
for sync, sync_options in self.config['sync'].items():
if not isinstance(sync_options, dict):
......@@ -27,9 +27,10 @@ you probably want to put inside build/, too.
`--pipe-in` to handle pipes (see `container_run`). You may use `-T` or `--disable-tty` to disable pseudo-tty
allocation at all. All these parameters must be passed first, as other parameters will be passed to the executed
command inside docker.
* **ensure_exists**: This currently only supports one subkey 'external_networks' which can be a list of
external_networks to create (if they do not yet exist) before running docker-compose. There is (currently) no logic
implemented to clean up these external networks after they have been created by b5.
* **setup**: Allows you to tell b5 to setup some docker specific things before running docker itself. This currently
only supports one subkey 'networks' which can be a list of networks to create (if they do not yet exist).
There is (currently) no logic implemented to clean up these networks after they have been created by b5.
Can be used to make sure networks marked as external exist before running docker.
* **sync**: List of paths to sync to docker volumes. See example below. Syncing some paths into volumes may
increase the performance significantly. Note that these paths will only be updated when calling `docker:update`
or `docker:sync`. Internally
......@@ -237,13 +238,13 @@ task:sync:phpvendor() {
### Example 4 - auto-create external networks
### Example 4 - auto-create networks
If external networks are defined in docker-compose.yml they are by default not auto-created by docker-compose and
using docker-compose will fail with an error message about missing these networks.
To auto-create these external networks when using docker-compose commands use the option
ensure_exists['external_networks'] and provide a list of external networks to auto-create:
setup.networks and provide a list of networks to auto-create:
......@@ -267,9 +268,9 @@ config.yml:
# networks to auto-create
- test_external_net
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