Commit d914ee51 authored by Manuel Christlieb's avatar Manuel Christlieb

fix: [invalid-name] Variable name "e" doesn't conform to snake_case naming style

parent 38b6a424
......@@ -80,6 +80,6 @@ def main():
termcolor.cprint('Successful initialized {path}'.format(path=path), 'green')
termcolor.cprint(' skeleton used: {skeleton_url}'.format(skeleton_url=skeleton_url), 'green')
termcolor.cprint(' project path: {full_path}'.format(full_path=full_path), 'green')
except B5ExecutionError as e:
termcolor.cprint(str(e), 'red')
except B5ExecutionError as error:
termcolor.cprint(str(error), 'red')
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