Commit 658548a3 authored by Manuel Christlieb's avatar Manuel Christlieb

fix: not in and import order

parent b8889245
from ..modules import MODULES
from ..exceptions import B5ExecutionError
from .importutils import import_string
from ..exceptions import B5ExecutionError
from ..modules import MODULES
def load_module(state, module_key):
if not 'modules' in state.config or not module_key in state.config['modules']:
if 'modules' not in state.config or module_key not in state.config['modules']:
raise RuntimeError('Module %s is not defined in config' % module_key)
module_config = state.config['modules'][module_key]
......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ def load_module(state, module_key):
module_import_path = module_class_key
if module_class_key in MODULES:
module_import_path = MODULES[module_class_key]
if not '.' in module_import_path:
if '.' not in module_import_path:
raise B5ExecutionError('Module seems not to be valid (key=%s/import=%s), please check config' %
(module_key, module_import_path)
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